Lover Enshrined. J.R. Ward. Buy This Book. Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Butch, and Vishous – each had his big romance featured in his own book. In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band. So in the end, I think Lover Enshrined is the perfect example for what I’m talking about — should you read this series for the romance?.

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Because you can’t fail at the impossible. Won’t admit his feelings to Cormia 9.

Lover Enshrined : Number 6 in series

Even though Cormia was rather reserved and may not have had the most sparkling personality I’ve ever read, I still thought that she was just the type of gentle soul Phury needed to help him heal his past wounds, and I liked her pretty well.

Recommended to Aquit by: His drug use is increasing and his inner-demon whispering in his ear quite literally are about to drive him insane.

Little Nalla was born at the end of this book and I love Z as a father. Lover Enshrined is not only a love story, it is also about the two main characters personal development.

I like the scenes between Zsadist and Phury I read this book late compared to other reads. That was a grand moment for me.

View all 11 comments. Wards’s terrific latest picks up the Black Dagger Brotherhood of vampires where Lover Unbound left off. It always left a bad taste in your mouth Originally posted on my blog on February 28, Since V and Butch clearly aren’t getting it on you know what I mean ; which I had hope so fucking much for it seems like there might be some Blay and Qhuinn loving in future With Phury and Cormia’s romance taking up less space than usual, Enshrlned thought this book really had more of an ensemble cast rather than primary and secondary characters.


They shunned him due to j.r.dard mismatched eyes? That was so heart-warming! And in all of this was the love story of Cormia and Phury. Boy does he have a whopping case of Survivor’s Guilt. In the silence of the whole training center, in the vast privacy of the moment, something changed. takes you deep into her intense, dark world of vampires and holds you captive until her last breathless word…sure to satisfy lovers of vampire romance everywhere. But it was sad that everything she would newly discover she did it with John Matthew because she was completely abandoned by Phury.

The interesting thing is that they are like different sides of the same coin.

The Scribe Virgin and her Chosen become a focal point, giving you a great deal of insight into how the spiritual aspect of this world works. And now, a dutiful twin must j.rward between two lives The sensuality between the leads however is more of a pure Hot rating. Oct 11, Phrynne rated it liked it. Dark fantasy lovers, you just got served. I don’t understand why.


Yep I just said that ahahahhah: But a warning to those who read this series mostly for the romance — you may need to develop some patience in finding it among a number of ongoing storylines. Lover Awakened Jim Frangione.

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6) by J.R. Ward

Boy, was I wrong. Esnhrined just didn’t feel that all-consuming bond of passion between them that was present in all the other brothers’ romances.

I hurt for him when he was kicked out of the Brotherhood, but at the same time, J.e.ward knew it was for the best. I love this series! When I was reading his book I just wanted to cuddle him and squeeze him and tell him not to be sad ensurined everything will be all right. In this book, Phury is lost somewhere in the cuckoo land living as a cloud cuckoo lander instead of being a fierce warrior and fearsome brother.

I was really looking forward to this one. I am curious to see how far sexually the author is going to take this friendship. Thats whats got him in this predicament in the first place. You drove me freaking insane!