The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz has ratings and 29 reviews. Luís said: Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the gre. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz. The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript. Jules Verne. Translated and edited by Peter Schulman. These reviews are for various editions of: “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”.

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Jul 20, Martin rated it liked it. It is also possible that the Czech translation is terrible or I am just ignorrat in that case, enlighten me, please.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is emblematic of this. Books by Jules Verne.

Aug 15, Achilleas rated it really liked it. Marc was engaged to Myra Roderich, the daughter of highly praised Dr.

Dec 10, Janith Pathirage rated it it was amazing. Feb 05, Phillip rated it liked it. Was this review helpful to you? But her hand is invisible! Jindroush rated it it was ok Jul 06, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is emblamatic of this. Sep 13, Steve Joyce rated stiritz it was amazing. When invisible Martha eats, does the food remain visible within her body?

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz – Wikipedia

He claims to be in love with her, but from what we see here it seems to be sexual attraction. This review storjtz been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I found it dull and poorly written. Storitz is strongly attracted to the beautiful young Magyar woman Storotz Roederich. For example, when Henry Vidal unknowingly encounters Storitz en route to Hungary, someone comments that Storitz “might be German twice over, as he’s got to be a Prussian. Weak characters I didn’t really care about, a very flat villain you sexret he’s a villain because he’s Germanthe book starts out pretty much as a travel-log with unnecessary amounts of travel-planning detailmiddles out with a kinda weird bro-mance between the main character and his brother-in-law-to-be and boring, gushy conversation with his brother about his perfect fiancee conversation in which these grown men sound like year-old girls sighing over that really cute boy in math classa fiancee who–though crucial to the storyline–seems to make only cameo appearances for most of the story.


When they returned, they found Myra missing. The problem is Verne’s son rewrote many of themrecasting plots and adding dee You’re likely to get an odd look when someone asks what you’re reading and you tell them it’s the “new” Jules Verne novel.

These and more general footnotes also help explicate Verne’s literary style, occasionally referring to Verne’s life or other writings. In fact, one of his misdeeds might shock even the modern reader.

Wilhelm Storitz Pascale Wiluelm In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Back home they were surprised to find Myra, who hadn’t left her bed at all – she was just invisible. Overall, what we have here is a readable but fairly dtoritz, lesser work by a great author, written when he was bitter at Germany and perhaps life itself for France’s humiliation.

Sin duda una historia buena. When the guards entered his cell scret order to release him, he was found dead of embolism. It’s tremendous that this story has finally seen the full light of Verne handles the invisibility theme skillfully.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz: The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript

It’s less future-science predictive, too, but still pretty exciting. More psychological and darker, and less of a “grand adventure” than his earlier, more well-known works. Among his father’s lab notes, Storitz discovers the formula for a potion that confers invisibility.

Of course, the town is in a panic as no one knows when and where he will strike. This was a breath taking story for me and easily, my favorite Jules Verne novel. As a consequence, the mob burned his house down, despite the efforts made by police agents.

Published April 1st by Bison Books first published Oct 30, Stephan rated it it was ok. Stepark attempted to capture Wilhelm but failed. Yet it seems his son has possession of those secrets, one of which is the key to this blend of science fiction and fantasy. Paperbackpages. Storitz is rather an obsessive individual, and an outsider.

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The front half of the novel seems somewhat slow paced, but the characters are sympathetic, and the concern for their well-being draws the reader to the end of the tale.

I kept wondering why no one in that town had a dog, as that was all that was needed to find the German villain. Otherwise, the novel Probably worthwhile for completists, only.

The chief of police, hoping to force the secret of re-visibility out of Storitz’s assistant, tries to arrest Denis. His father now deceased was a chemist as well.

Verne, along with H. Naturally, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz carries the style and tropes of the time in which it was written Who can imagine the effect it would have had on an early 20th century audience? I’ll rate this slow-paced production 5 out of Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the great Jules serves us with great simplicity that lets itself embarked by human hatred that over time appealed to the supernatural rather advanced science for sow terror or simply wreak vengeance, but at the same time, we discover that what man can build, it can also untie it, we need intelligence to fight another intelligence … This is the adventure that Henri remembers.

The pace picks up considerably as the novel unwinds and the twists at the end work just great.