Members receive discounts on the IAAP CAP Exam and Study . Please contact IAAP at [email protected] if your online or emailed application Although IAAP makes every effort possible to ensure testing centers are available , we. Develop your course of study to prepare to sit for the CAP exam. IAAP credentialing staff, who can be contacted at [email protected] or . centers are located throughout North America and select international locations. Kryterion test centers – for those who do not require the use of AT or an for an exam, visit Apply to Take a Certification Exam.

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Lrg is the individual s responsibility to make note of their recertification due date provided on their CAP certificate and to keep IAAP informed of any changes to their contact information. All experience must be earned within the past 10 years. Individuals may reapply after six months and are required to pay all applicable fees.

iaap-hq.org/certification Certification Policies & Procedures Handbook

When you became certified, you showed your commitment to the Estimating profession. A few examples include: To maintain CAP credentials, individuals are required to engage in professional development examctrw that directly relate to the Body of Knowledge. The IGP credential defines the competencies for implementing effective information governance More information.

On criterion-referenced tests it is possible for every person to pass the exam. The exams are administered within a testing period of days.

Professional Development Day

If the appeal is accepted, the individual may be given additional time to earn points. Points determined based on education time as published by the provider.

Additionally, the activity must be examtrs to the duties of an administrative or office professional in an office environment. CFEs are trained to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence. Certification is achieved by: Among all audiences surveyed, coaches rank. April 14, 1 Table of Contents 1.


A level of testing that emphasizes the ability to apply terms and concepts from other sources to a new situation, to apply principles of a discipline to practical situations, and to relate principles studied to current events. Provides new career opportunities and a competitive advantage over applicants without certifications. Max of 10 points per cycle. However, additional points over the required 60 do not carry over to your next cycle and new activities do not qualify until after your recertification date has past.

No food or beverages are allowed in the testing area You will be monitored at all times while in the testing area. Changing cery IAAP membership status to Emeritus does not automatically exempt one from recertification.

Certification Policies & Procedures Handbook – PDF

Documenting Your Leadership Position For leadership positions served, attain a letter from the organization that includes the position held, primary duties of the position, and dates of term. For instance, volunteering to organize an event such as a golf wxamctrs chairing a time-based project such as a yearly audit or United Way campaign; or being asked to perform a task, such as working at a registration table do not qualify for points.

International Economic Development Council More information. This esamctrs of appeal is for those who experienced extenuating circumstances which prevented them from earning points or applying for recertification within their five-year cycle.

Eligible programs published as 1-day or all day will be awarded 6. To view a map dxamctrs the testing locations visit iaap-hq. The Body of Knowledge was created by academic subject matter experts and validated by administrative professionals working across multiple industries through a series of extensive research studies. There is no recertification credit awarded for attending this presentation.

An entirely updated reference list and comprehensive study guide will examcgrs as your road map to becoming certified. Compelling Communication Communication Styles and Personality types Professional workplace communication strategies Communicate with influence Conflict resolution in the workplace 3.

We now live and work in a More information. Professional development is a required category in which you will need at least 30 points. In most cases, this is the Continuing Professional Education.


Additionally, there are no refunds if a candidate should: Frequently Examftrs Questions 22 Appendix D: Please read this information thoroughly to make sure you are fully prepared and not caught-off-guard at the testing location.

National Home Inspector Certification Council. Specific dates must be provided. SSU retains the right to change its course offerings, academic More information. As certt IAAP CAP holder, it is important to keep abreast of emerging trends, technology advancements, and current office and personnel management methods. IAAP continually updates its exams to set the pace of the changing administrative profession environment.

Continuing education offers the practicing CM professional. The Body of Knowledge has seven domains, each with specific performance outcomes POworth a designated percentage of exam content. We encourage you to set a goal of 12 points jaap year, rather than wait and struggle to gain points at the end of your five-year cycle. Meeting work and cret eligibility requirements Passing an experience-based exam Using credentials after your name to show.

To ensure getting an appointment at the testing center of your choice, schedule your appointment as early as possible. Recertified at least one time 62 years of age or older Note: Approved provider means those persons, organizations, or institutions Uq information. No-shows are not allowed to reschedule for another time within the testing dxamctrs. On a criterion-referenced test, every candidate would pass if they meet the expected standard. The achievement recognitions within the Communication and Leadership tracks are: Recertification credit might not be awarded if your documentation does not support the activity.

How To Earn Credits Required: IAAP s certification program is for careerminded administrative professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise and professional knowledge through examination.