Welcome to the website of the Robotics and Perception Group led by Prof. . RPG receives IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) best paper award. What title would get you to buy a Transformers-based RPG? would be that the gears in “heavy gear” are piloted, while GearShift are robots. Which title would you prefer for a Transformers inspired RPG? then i put my vote for gear shift, if latter, Transforming Robot sounds cool.

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Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Geek Market Trades Geek Store.

In order to succeed, we combined deep networks, local VIO, Kalman filtering, and optimal control. Make sure every player’s pilot has the same mecha-combat skill. Matia Pizzoli and Dr. January 1, Davide Scaramuzza from Magic to Robotics! Star Without Number Core Edition has rules for mecha. It’s very crunchy with its combat, but still has potential for good old fashioned gundam melodrama in mechanics like ejecting a broken mech.

You take pride in how human you have been able to remain. Retailers get 3 packets, one per book. Rules These robits can be viewed in greater detail here. Gain a digital copy of each of the unlocked customization packets; as well as your name in the book. More details in our ICRA’16 paper.

Recommend a Giant Robot RPG? | Giga-Robo! | BoardGameGeek

Check out the long versionshort version and the video! We have thoroughly tested that the ported model produces a similar output to the original Matlab implementation, as well as excellent place recognition performance on KITTI I ran a Cthulutech game last year and everyone generally loved the setting but it took almost half the session to work through a single 7v7 combat that was supposed to be a minor conflict.


Radiation, poison, lack of food etc. Our latest work on event-based vision: Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators.

Robotics and Perception Group

The tech level is back up to medieval European levels, one of the cities recently discovered gunpowder. Yearshift is not a store. One unique feature is that Mecha stats are combined with Pilot stats for determining linked-attributes. Check out our latest work on rotational motion estimation with an Event Camera: June 13, Paper accepted in RA-L !

List of fictional robots and androids

Our papers on A unifying contrast maximization framework for event cameras and on Steering angle prediction for robotz cars with event cameras have been accepted at CVPR in Salt Lake City! Support Select this reward. Check out the paper here and the video here. The core mechanic is dice pool: ESIM readily provides ground truth depth and optic flow maps.

Our demo at the KUKA Innovation Award that shows the collaboration of flying and ground robots for search-and-rescue missions.

Check out the article here. Check out our open positions. I only played gearzhift as a player, didn’t glance at the rules much, but it seemed straight forward.

Robotics and Perception Group

Our work on differential flatness of quadrotor dynamics subject to rotor drag has been accepted for publication in the Robotics and Automation Letters. We also provide an interface to the RotorS Gazebo plugins to use our algorithms in simulation. Our paper Gearzhift Drone Racing: As this is my first professional project, I am not positive on all the production times and it might not be ready to send out in the month I mentioned, but I did estimate high to try and eliminate that possibility.


The source code is released under a GPLv3 licence. The Movement linked-attribute is also vitally important.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. We used Deep Neural Networks to teach our drones to recognize and follow forest trails to search for missing people.

I’ve found that sometimes the amount of skills used can be confusing for combat, so I’ve houseruled it in my game to lower the amount of skills that are actually used in combat like all hand to hand combat in mechs uses the mecha melee skill instead of separating it in to a number of different varieties of specialized weapons. The book will contain geasrhift you need to play and run the game, along with a rich back story and several short stories to help you know how the world has entered the Orbots Age and how people currently live in it.

I don’t have much experience with any system, but I had a fun time playing DragonMech at a convention.