5 THREE LETTERS FROM STUDENTS OF FRANCES LARIMER WARNER . the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally. In this extremely hard to find sequel to her popular Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain, Frances Larimer Warner expands on many of the. Our Invisible Supply by Frances Larimer Warner, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Our Invisible Supply : How to Obtain

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Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain – Frances L. Warner – Google Books

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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world’s books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: As an introduction to this little book, and explanatory of its purpose, I print immediately following this preface, three very appreciative letters from students.

In this way their field of usefulness will be enlarged, and no one has the right to withhold a helping hand or word when possible to give.

Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain

In the arrangement of the book, I have fol- lowed my letters by three short articles which emphasize my individual teaching in the matter of calling into action the Law of Supply, and which when printed in the columns of one of our magazines brought to me so many letters of in- quiry and appeal, as to show that many were seeking for the truth which I had demonstrated.

My Dear Lover of Souls: OU really knew what I needed, for your letter haa gqne to the spot and has really done me naore good than most things that have come into my path- way for years.

Let me tell you a little demon- strating I did the week I wrote you. I held the thought that God was my supply. I sent down town by a friend for a little brown teapot; when I came home in the afternoon rather tired — ought one to say so?

On uncovering the teapot I found inside the cover a delicious stick of almond brittle. A night or two afterwards brought me a delicious treat of ice cream delivered at the door. These are exceedingly material items, aren’t they? I am possessed of a longing for a home — oh, such a home, with a library. And in the library ia a grate fire of wood; before the grate fire are two. Well, I picked up the Literary Digest, Monday, and there pictured on the first page, or rather cover; was a roaring 10 Our Invisible Supply fire of wood, no paltry or artificial gas.

Build my fire, then erect my home around it? Is the law beginning to work a bit? I have been doing some graduate work at Columbia, and came here with the determination to try to gain some recognition in a literary way by starting out with research articles. I have worked at the Peabody library quite a bit this fall but have had to dog m;yself to it.


Have felt purely creative work was mine, something seemed to tell me so. I have never sent anything for publication; in fact, have never finished anything in right shape, but am always possessed with inivsible longing, the desire, the feeling I can.

Our Invisible Supply : Frances Larimer Warner :

Is there a law that governs creative work? Is it really and truly so, no myth, no fake? I found a dainty little handkerchief down town for you today, I tiiought perhaps you would not have the same opportunity to find pretty things in Dakota.

With sincerest thanks for your letter. WRITE you with a heart full of grati- tude for your most helpful knvisible encoiu’- aging letter. Even while the actual demon- stration has not appeared in the visible, I do believe iur exists at this moment in the invisible and real substance, and will manifest itself in the outer world invissible.

The state- ment that seemed to appeal to me most, perhaps, was that money and I also apply it to my health is but the symbol of the exhaustless fountain of aU supply and harmony in the real substance; and S held with a tout rein, we withhold the substance; so I am trying to let go the rein su;ply let in the overflow of all that I need and desire.

There seems to be one ques- tion that perplexes me just along this line, or perhaps should say about this matter of supply.

The matter of physical healing I can compre- hend, as the body is here, a tangible presence; but it seems that while the infinite supply is inexhaustible, we ourselves have to make a 12 How to Obtain 13 certain amount of effort to frahces about results. For instance, by simply sitting down and visual- izing the desire for a million dollars, to take an extreme casewould you get it?

I should think not, unless one had the requisite amount of faith, ability and work to bring about the result. You told me about visualizing the home you desired and actually bringing about the desired condition. I like the idea immensely, only cannot quite reconcile it with what I have just said.

If you would be so good as to again explain it to me I should be very grateful. I am anxious to learn and to grow, that I may be the means sometime of giving light and help to others. Again, do you think one is selfish in desiring material things and endeavoring to demonstrate their possession in this way? To bring a commonsense view to the case, while to be sure the ideal view farnces to work selflessly, at the stage in evolution of the majority of mortals and I know in invisiblle own case, I do require certain necessities and desire certain luxuries or simple pleasures and am not ashamed to confess it, while at the same time wafner to which I would like to devote my Ufe most of all would be active work along these New Invisiboe lines.

I love the teachings, the world needs them, and y 14 Our Invisible Supply I would like to do my share in giving them out. Have made a few typewritten copies of your good letter which I am sending to you together with the original, thinking possibly you may find it convenient to have it in typewritten form for future reference. Also enclose one dollar by way of a small offering of appreciation of your kindness in giving me the suggestions tliat you have.

FEEL I cannot half express my appre- ciation for your goodness and dear- ness in giving me so much of your attention, and the Uttle offering I enclose is very far from being anything hke adequate for the value received, but is all my present circumstances allow. When I begin to demonstrate improved conditions, it will be my first pleasure to express more fully the gratitude in my heart.

Yoiu’ letter was so exactly what I have longed for, the testimony of one who infisible proved step by step these beautiful theories which seem to oxxr matter-clouded senses intangi- ble, almost unattainable ideals. I felt after reading your article, as many did — could that be for me? And now your dear letter comes, with its heart-warming assurances that it is within my power to attain.

You are very good, indeed, to so freely give the stranger knocking at your gates, the golden key which has unlocked for you such treasures after years of searching; and my heart thrills with gratitude and wonder each time I think such chance has come to me. For your words are vital, and I cannot help feeling assured that I have now the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally. I have been much troubled in all my efforts hitherto by two things; first, inability to larumer and, second, and perhaps for that reason, that I have failed to make wadner and actual my con- ception of God and His abiding place within me and so my “treatments” became mere words to me, for all my earnest desire.


But I think your method of imagery, if I understand aright, is not dependent on the use of formulae, or at least one comes to use one’s own words. Professor Northrup, in his article in January, says; “Put yourself in touch with God” when asking anything, and that is where I stick — I don’t realize any connection.

For meditation I seem to have very Httle time, as my evenings are almost always subject to interruption, and my days spent at business. I shall try to follow your directions during my hour’s ride to and from the city, and at all other times when I can happen to catch myself in the custom paths of limitation thought.

There is another thought that bothers also, and that is; How do we know that “Desire is the thing itself,” or that God is more anxious for us to have than we are to receive? This is one of my worst stumbling blocks, so long do the effects of orthodox teach- How to Obtain 17 logs cling to one — that our afflictions are sent frrances chasten us, and that certain disagreeable con- ditions we are placed in, are for our good, the strengthening of our characters, etc.

Invixible see I am taking advantage of your generous invitation to ask any questions. If I could only tell you how much I appreciate your giving me this glorious hope, and the time and trouble you have taken to make the way clear, which you surely did!

It is proof cf the existence of that all too rare thing, Christ-Christianity, and I am so glad, so glad I wrote you. Be sure my love and grateful thoughts will attend you, and your letter I shall keep by me to wagner and reread and practice. Thanking you from my heart, I am a loving friend, F. OU say the oyr of supply is one of the laws you desire to learn. What you reaUy mean is that you desire to prove the one great Law as your supply. Well, I gave you an opportunity to prove it in my last letter and you refused to see.

Why is it so hard to comprehend, when it is so simple? You cannot suply a flow of oil or increase of meal until you begin to iLse; you cannot pour water from a pitcher until you take the pitcher in hand and begin to pour. Herein is one of the mighty occult truths I promised to give when you had complied with my terms. I do not need your money, but I do need your faith in me in order to be of assistance to you, and as you are a strong personaUty I felt the current of doubt and distrust that was sent out with your letter, and got, through telepathy, the very thought sent out with it.

That which comes to me from this work I use in spreading Truth. You have first to learn the very first principles of faith before you can possibly demonstrate great or ”many things. The first time I did invissible, I went home and found a letter with money enclosed as payment for something purchased of me some time before. Money is not wealth, but the symbol only of inexhaustible wealth that will never begin to flow for us until we begin to prove, and when we have proven, stand fast in the faith.

As long as we limit and fear to use the symbol of wealth, how can the real substance flow? We have no respect for the miser who clothes himself in rags and hves on a crust. How do many of us differ from him? I like to image myself as empty of self and the Good flowing through me to those who come to me for Laromer, and as surely as you practice this attitude towards Spirit will you become more and more a fittmg instrument for all good to others.

Make your- self receptive, in other words, to the highest, and the ideals you have formed will soon give place to lqrimer most exalted. When I hear from you again, will continue this topic for my next letter. Sincerely hoping that you will gain some idea from inviible as to how to set the Law in motion as your supply and all other good, I am, Very cordially yours, Fbancjss Labiueb Wabnek.

Every geaand law only a particular fact of some more ffBUeral law presently to dis- close franxes. There france no outside, no inclosing vxjUy no circumference to us.