Technical Datasheet: DMEP Datasheet Through the Media Independent Interface (MII), the DM connects to the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, . Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DM Company, Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated. Datasheet, Download DM datasheet. Quote. DM Datasheet PDF Download – 10/ Mbps FAST ETHERNET PHYSICAL LAYER SINGLE CHIP TRANSCEIVER, DM data sheet.

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Reset Active low input that initializes the DM Read as 0, ignore on write 0. Datasueet criteria and detection method is DM implementation specific. Through this interface it is possible to control and configure multiple PHY devices, get status and error information, and determine the type dn9161 capabilities of the attached PHY device s.

The recommended decoupling capacitance is 0. When writes 1 to this bit, all state machines of PHY will be reset. Please enter any additional message.

Descrambler Because of the scrambling process required to control the radiated emissions of transmit data streams, the receiver must descramble the receive data streams.

In full-duplex mode, this signal is always logical 0. This bit is invalid when it is not in the auto-negotiation mode. Active states see LED U configuration. Jabber conditions will set this bit unless it is cleared by a read to this register through a management interface or a DM reset. Collision detection is disabled in Full Duplex operation. When this bit is set to 1, it indicates that the 10Mbps cable polarity is reversed.

Dacom Ethernet Design-In Guide. Collision Detection Asserted high to indicate the detection of the collision conditions in 10Mbps and Mbps half-duplex mode. datsaheet


Reserved Duplex status change interrupt: While in the power-down state, the PHY should respond to management transactions. Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that the data sheets and other information in this publication are current before placing orders. As always, vias should be avoided as much as possible. These eatasheet contain the binary encoded protocol selector supported by this node.

Dtasheet it is discovered that the signal matches a technology that the receiving device supports, a connection will be automatically established using that technology. After auto-negotiation is completed, results will be written to this bit.

(PDF) DM9161 Datasheet download

This conversion process must be reversed on the receive end. A1 is defined rm9161 the distance from the seating plane to the lowest point of the package body. Integrated circuits sold by DAVICOM Semiconductor are covered by the warranty and patent indemnification provisions stipulated in the terms of sale only.

The MDIO pin is bi-directional and may be shared by up to 32 devices. Figure 4 44 Final Version: Datadheet bit is self-clear after reset is completed. The transformers listed in Table 2 are electrical equivalents, but may not be pin-to-pin equivalents. During full-duplex mode, CRS is asserted only during receive operations. Four bits of vendor model revision number mapped to bit 3 to 0 most significant bit to bit 3 24 Final Version: Active high enables receive signals RXD[0: When this bit is set to 1, the received data will loop out to the transmit channel.

RXER will be asserted for 1 or more clock periods to indicate to the reconciliation sublayer that an error was detected somewhere in the frame being transmitted from the PHY to the reconciliation sublayer. The on-chip clock circuit converts the 25MHz clock into a MHz clock for internal use.


This bit is self-clearing and it will keep returning a value of 1 until autonegotiation is initiated by the DM Applications involving unusual environmental or reliability requirements, e. Shipment is only possible to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Conversely, the selection of short or intermediate cable lengths requiring less compensation will cause serious under-compensation for longer length cables. Bit 19 to 24 of the OUI E are mapped to bit 15 to 10 of this register respectively Vendor model number: TL, Soldering, 10 sec.

Write as 0, ignore on read 0, RW Flow control support: A new link code word page received. Products described herein are intended for use in normal commercial applications. The MII consists of a nibble wide receive data bus, a nibble wide transmit data bus, and control signals to facilitate data transfers between the PHY and the Reconciliation layer.

During Parallel detection there is no exchange of configuration information, instead, the receive signal is examined. Active low on this input tri-states these output pins.

DM datasheet_百度文库

Link partner auto-negotiation able: Without the scrambler, energy levels on the cable could peak beyond FCC limitations at frequencies related to repeated 5B sequences like continuous transmission of IDLE symbols.

During the transition to power-down state and while in the power-down state, the PHY should not generate spurious signals on the MII. The descrambler receives scrambled parallel data streams from the Serial to Parallel converter, descrambles the data streams, and presents the data streams to the Code Group alignment block.