Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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The poet repeats the enduring memory of past love in lines 11 and As some of the developments show, the student movement seems to be an impetus for the beginning of their own publications. The poem shows the extent of hope, which prevents some men from discontent. The poet asserts this in another line of selfu same poem: Since death destroys men, one of its effects to the ppoems relatives and friends is sorrow.

Ibid According to this stanza, there are people who live in the center of the hills. Though they mention some points, on the whole they refer to Ethiopia. This poem portrays an educated African who returned from abroad and who feels a guest for his land. The difference between this section and the previous one is, in the previous one the poems deal with the general appearance of the country. By unrightful, unjust buffoons Who in Africa enjoyed the ends of their means Ibid These lines indicate that African people were deprived of their rights by colonizers.

This historical factor brought about educational practice, which is another factor for the appearance of Ethiopian literature in English. The Lovers There they meet and exchange greeting, Common and timid is the question posed, To lighten the tension and enjoy the meeting Yet despite this it remains undozed.

Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

But whoever the person is there is hope which dreams for the best. The other tribute poems are poems that express their sympathy to great and known people like John F. When did this literature appear in Ethiopia?


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Home-Coming Son Look where you walk unholy stranger This is the land of the eighth harmony In the rainbow: What are the dominant issues in this type deebe literature? Using the following lines the poet figuratively exclaims the subject matter that death makes all the beauty, cast away and cold. Theme deifu the central point of a work. Critical Articles 10 2. But different to the other literary genre poetry has its own way of developing theme.

The study has revealed that Ethiopian poems in English during the period in focus deal with two major themes. He only gave one point on the poems of Tsegaye. He is not a bad man.

In the early period there was also a literary medium which credited possible conditions for the writing of poetry. After giving advice the poem tells and edbebe the African guest where he is. The second chapter debeebe a review of related literature in the area of the study. Until today there is no literary magazine in English published in this country.

A poem by Debebe Seifu | Addis Journal

They cry for their friend because he was beloved and humble. The sprits welcome 30 Their lost-son-returned.

Tsegaye develops the previous theme by adding more ideas in other lines of his poem. While the skeleton rocks above 5 Gazed at her with a lifeless lust And the dying shrubs held to their roots for life She seems to lure with hue and cry Obsessed with an important gusto for temptation To leak and wet the edges to the desert 10 To arouse a cruel desire of dead silence, To transfix a pestilential hunger In the burnt-out bosom of a scorched earth.

The poem puts it like this. On the whole in this part poems that depict hopelessness or frustration have been studied.


Though I bid fare-well to life Where you too are included, Breaking the law of nature Your love has intruded Ibid Another poem by Tsegaye, ” Many A Cold Season” too has the same subject matter with the previous love poem. You never had time to bid us adieu All the same, farewell, till we come to you. Under the issue of praise there are poems, which praise Ethiopia as a whole and poems which praise unique features of Ethiopia.

These flowers are represented with the flower lily line The poet says presently the generation is without any security line3.

Due to these reasons this study focuses on the stated period. For Africa in the years to come Ibid On the whole the poems under this topic deal with the problems created by colonial powers. And also echoes what the participants of the conference have taken into consideration.

Under the issue of criticism there are pomes that criticize the educated African and poems that have a Pan-African concern.

This poem says love gives me dedication and strong courage. There are different poems, which deal with issues related to certain aspects of life. Different methods have been used to study the major themes of the English poems of the period. For the world in thee 15 Such bloodshed to witness. But the speaker says that they are faithful to their past love line The poem after having mentioned the poemd sides of the man indicates that the world cries badly for it lost a man of many good tasks.