Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church. This book contains the text and rites of one of the most holiest seasons in the Coptic. Arguably the holiest week of the year, known simply as “Holy Week” or maybe more preferably “Pascha (aka Passover) Week” is upon us, with. How to Benefit from Pascha Week by Pope Shenouda III- The Great Lent & Holy Week – Coptic Orthodox Feasts < Saint Takla Haymanot Website - Alexandria.

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It is very noticeable that many people during Passion Week act very differently inside church than they do outside church. Inside church… black curtains, sad hymns, solemn readings, and complete concentration on the suffering of Christ. Ckptic, outside of church, we often laugh, joke around, socialize, think and talk about many worldly issues.

We lose all the spiritual depth that we gained inside church. Let us concentrate our thoughts, conversations, and meditations around the events of this Holy Week and the passion of our Savior. During our regular fasting days, we put the words of the Bible before us, “Consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly ” Joel 1: How much more then should we apply this commandment during Holy Week? This week should be characterized by solitude and retreat with God by staying away from idle discussions, various means of entertainment and pleasures.


Reserve your time for God and to spiritual activities worthy of this week. Meditate on the events of the week one cophic one, from Palm Sunday when Christ refused His worldly kingdom and the Jews gave up their hopes in Him, until they crucified and buried Him.

On Palm Sunday, ask yourself: Is Christ King and Lord over everything in my life? Do I, like Christ, turn down worldly glory for spiritual and eternal glory?

Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church by Mark Coptic

And during the “general funeral” afterwards, consider yourself attending your own funeral because during this week the church will not hold funeral services.

Also, when the church denounces Judas’ betrayal with a kiss on the eve of Wednesday’s Pascha, ask yourself in prayer, “How often, O Lord, have I betrayed You?

Paul said “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death” Philippians 3: Can we give ourselves an exercise this week to share in the fellowship of His suffering and be conformed to His death? Can we say with St.

Therefore, in order for Christ to live in us, we have to carry our cross and follow Him. Whoever puts the suffering of Christ before Him will not take any pleasure in eating, drinking or pampering the body. But in order to succeed in pursuing asceticism.


The Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Spiritual readings are also food for the soul. The church has organized for us a treasure of appropriate readings for every day of Holy Pasha.

This consists of Gospel readings, Old Testament prophecies that correspond to the events of each day, spiritual explanations and sermons of the church fathers and on Holy Saturday Apocalypse night the church reads the entire book of Revelation.

The hymns of Passion Week are moving cptic full of spiritual depth.

Also, Hymns, like reading, preserve thoughts from wandering and guides them in a spiritual direction. Since the prayers of the Agpeya are not used during Holy Week, we are to substitute personal prayers in their place. This is in addition to paxcha intensive prayers of the church asking the Lord, who bore the sins of the world and died for us, to forgive and have mercy upon us according to His great mercy.