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So there you have it, my reasons for trying the D: The final position was much closer to the listener, in fact very close to the carpet, a good 2 meters from the rear wall.

The Magnepans simply fail on this aspect. It was my hope that the diamond tweeter at least would be a match for the stunning pure ribbon tweeter in the Magnepans.

B&W Diamond review | What Hi-Fi?

My review samples were finished in a superlative Gloss Piano Black accented 800s gold trim lines around each driver. There is a hint of boxiness in the 800s, and of a loss of image depth and differentiation, albeit very minor. Other than that, the midrange is very well-executed, and may well be the best part of this speaker. A single layer voice coil has a silver plated centre pole improving sensitivity which acts as a shorted turn, reducing the inductance of the primary winding.

Analog ReviewsPassive Speakers Reviews. This could be the source of some colorations, but they are mild, and perhaps only noticeable at all in the light of the extremely fine performance of the system out towards the frequency extremes. The b&a is lower distortion levels and better cone behaviour than more traditional designs. Too far from the listening seat and focus suffers. Recording of November For me, no matter how accurate they are, they are just too unforgiving. Whatever the cause in the improvement over the previous models, which could occasionally sound a little 800x and pedestrian, was hard to ignore.


Beryllium, an ultra hard material, has been used before, but usually in 40 micron thickness, which results in a relatively heavy dome.

The new D is devastatingly powerful, with a truly muscular, physical bass, but with no hint of excess or of overhang in my listening room, even though it is on the smaller side of ideal for any speaker this big. This one seems to be very focused and strongly bundled. The Rowlands are indeed very good amps that have plenty of current in reserve, but they are hardly bass champs.

This is the advantage of having no enclosure. Using modern scientific processes, we grow diamond under laboratory conditions to form the optimum tweeter dome shape. Objectively the change is not big, but the musical b&s is little short of profound.

The original woven surroundless Kevlar cone housed in its round Marlan enclosure has changed little, but even here there have been improvements behind the scenes, for example a new strengthened basket structure.

What Hi-Fi?

The Magnepans are a tough act to follow. They have very deep, albeit not very accurate, bass.

This was again evidenced when comparing them to the Diamond tweeters. Too far apart and the bass is thin and imaging is vague. In fact, their treble is much more smooth and fluid than that of the D. Only one material on 80d0 comes close to matching those properties: Intentionally, the design behaves asymmetrically on different axis, the idea being for different regions of the outer b& of the cone to work in anti-phase at high frequencies, so that the effective radiating area of the cone reduces at the frequency being looked at rises.


This has been put right in the new model.

Used b&w for Sale |

Create new account Request new password. The original Nautilus was not quite the flagship, but it quickly established itself as the de facto range header as the bigger and costlier was all but unusable in normal surroundings, its bass always sounding unwieldy and slow to these ears.

This tweeter is actually made from diamond. It is the Marlan enclosure and the FST unit in it, that makes for a super-wide soundstage that can really float around the speakers. Yet there is nothing intrusive about the way that the b&&w frequency content of program material comes across. Museatex Hybrid 6 loudspeaker.

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Videos Enjoy the Music. It is almost like listening to Martin Logans: Tucked away on a bookshelf or positioned h&w its specially designed stand, it’s perfect for smaller listening spaces. Diamond is the hardest of all elements, which allows fabrication of very thin, light and stiff structures that delay the first HF break up resonance to a very high frequency. The reasons for these observations are open to conjecture, but one obvious possibility is that it is rooted in 80d way the woven Kevlar diaphragm works.

Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. Back then we discovered that isolating the units created a much purer, more balanced sound.