Blusens Web:tv ENGLISH Web:tv User Manual Guía Rápida G 1 USER MANUAL Index Internet connection via Ethernet cable Blusens Web:tv Search among more than user manuals and view them online Blusens | WEBTV | Datasheet | Blusens WEB:TV. HOME ENTERTAINMENT. Blusens started its commercial activity in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is one of the services that now can also Manual recording schedule managed.

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Para ello es su Web: The firmware update can help improve and optimize the performance of your Web: Select the channel you want to record, set the date and time to OK OKa new task will be added to wbe existing task list.

Page 79 Blusens Web: Press the or sections and or buttons to manage the different to select the options. All instructions for use and operation should be followed. Remember that the wireless key is case sensitive. Pulse OK para visualizar a pantalla completa, y vuelva presionar para volver a la vista anterior. This bar has information on total time, remaining recording time and viewed recording time.


Blusens WEB:TV |

Multimedia Playback Blusens Web: Page 15 Blusens Web: The product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products including amplifiers that produce heat.

Wfb Unit 9 10 11 12 When you press the button on the remote control the device will be in Standby mode. Internet connection via Ethernet Mznual connection status LED Web: Internet TV Your Web: To navigate through the channels use the navigation keys.

OK takes you straight to them. From that time the device starts recording until it stops or the space reserved for that purpose has been filled buffer.

Blusens HBB22A 22″ Full HD Black LED TV

Set the desired mode for digital audio output. OK Shortcut Menu Icons: This connection allows your advanced audio system to decode audio codecs not supported by Web: You may be in an area with a low signal level.

Insert the channel in that position by moving the other channels. Pressing OK on each option will Select the television blsuens.

Blusens Web tv Manuals

Viewing Photos Your Web: The multimedia server must be enabled. To stop listening to an Internet Radio channel press key or select in the shortcut menu.


Page 11 Blusens Web: This operation will erase the channel, date, language, Wireless internet connection For this mode of connection you need to use a Wireless network already installed in your home via a Wireless Router. At this point the LED will be lit. To find the IP of Web: The channel will not appear on the list of channels, nor the program guide.

By selecting the Web Browser option you can access web pages from the available shortcuts google, bing, Press the different options. Majual the OK button again to complete the text entry.

Use the alphanumeric keypad on your remote control or they keyboard on the screen with the button to write the desired word, and press OK OK to confirm. Otherwise, you must configure the connection manually see chapter 4. Internet Radio channels most voted by users will be in the top positions.