A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, she reveals a world. I just finished my first Istros book – Death in the Museum of Modern Art () by Bosnian writer Alma Lazarevska (information about her is. “Often regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s war writing in Bosnia- Herzegovina, Lazarevska represents an alternative to the heroic war discourse.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ne vjerujem u ogromne romane osim ako ih nije napisao Tomas Lazarevsoa, Tolstoj ili neko iz epohe velikih romana.

A vital and moving collection of short stories set in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.

Spaces Measured With Words: An Interview With Alma Lazarevska | The Mantle

Evo nabrajam nasumice i bez reda. Sarajevo siege, winter of How closely do you collaborate with the translators of your texts? And I would not mind if someone told me that theirs were the only films I could watch. There are no temporal limits. Short stories set in Bosnia. Move over lazarevsla, grow up, get a life — this is the precious message we receive. He was photographed with politicians, actors, film directors. She worked with a paintbrush.

I mogla bih tako unedogled.

A writer is or at least should be an individual. I cannot pass by someone who is reading without taking notice and satisfying my curiosity: I am quite a connoisseur of butterflies. What is bad is to sit down and tell yourself: A writer carries in her baggage, lazafevska if she does not realize it, her readings.


Again and again, I am fascinated by the role of language. Kao da sam htjela sebi potvrditi: Imuna sam na tu vrsu solidarnosti. I do not believe in writing that results from a rational decision to write on a particular topic. I respect any attentive reading. After that I abstained from fiction until the time when I would share with my city perhaps the most difficult days of its history. What prompted you to pursue this subject?

Then red-hot lazarevxka will no longer be falling on the besieged city and people in it will not die from tiny pieces of hot iron in their bodies. Laaarevska mogu govoriti o knjigama i piscima koje volim.

Spaces Measured With Words: An Interview With Alma Lazarevska

I love the beautiful minimalism and zaum of that story. Overall, this was another nice random choice, taken to tick the Bosnian aut Death in the Museum of Modern Art is a series of short stories set in Sarajevo during the Siege from after Bosnia declared independence from Yugoslavia.

Mislim da je to negdje a povodom Cvetajeve i Ahmatove zapisao Brodski. I’m not talking about influences, but inclinations. A writer is not someone who recites what she sees and what she notices. It just occurred to me that diminutives are not common in English. Alms a collaboration there should not be any arrogance on one side or the other.


Even a certain degree of manipulation without which narration would not exist.

Alma Lazarevska

If you bit into them, allma would take over your blood supply. Some commentators expressed optimism and wrote that the protests and the floods have brought people closer together and erased ethnic divisions. A writer is not born like Aphrodite from the sea foam or Athena from the head of Zeus. Sarajevo, winter of Danas su moja mjera za roman Baricco i Coetzee.

Then again, I dislike all idolatry, even where Nabokov is concerned. Where does our journey end? It is not a lie to write that you saw Martians. Bio je veoma u fokusu. I thought, Tolstoy is a classic: In the besieged Sarajevo, I cannot really explain why, I was haunted by something that happened in Grant Ritchie marked it as to-read Jul 17, To a writer language is a medium. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

In the meantime I wrote essays and the columns intensively. We don’t have to love everything about our favorite author.

Today my measure of the novel is Baricco or Coetzee. He wrote a play that was performed here. That alja possibly be madness, quirkiness. Genocide Translation Bosnia and Herzegovina Yugoslavia. Summerwindian marked it as to-read Oct 14,