Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note. Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life, provides a succinct introduction to both the theory and practice of Sufism (Islamic . Ihya-ul-ulum Ghazzali says: “The matter went so far that certain persons boasted of a union with the The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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And if the eye should meet with an injury in one of the layers, you could not tell the cause of it. There was also a not great part to this book. To him knowing self is knowing everything. This book, “Kimiae Saadat”, was used as an abridgement to his magnum opus, the “Ihya”. The Lord Jesus upon whom be peace!

Know, student of the divine mysteries, that the heart is like a reservoir into which five streams flow: Alchhemy, it is not body, which is found in corpses and in animals generally. The astrologer also says, that the sun is a star, which causes heat and light upon the earth.

Now the body needs in this world three things, one is food, another is clothing, and the third is a home: Ihya’e Ulum-ed’Deen was written by al-Ghazali after abandoning gazali duties as a professor due to a “spiritual crisis”, which led him to live in seclusion for several years. And just as the pilgrim, who vhazali his way to the Kaaba of Mecca, was engaged day and night in taking care of his camel, got separated from the caravan, and perished in the desert, so those who know not the real nature of the world and its worthlessness, and do not understand that it is the place where seed is sown for eternity, but spend all their thoughts upon it, are certainly fascinated and deceived; as the apostle of God declares.

Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life, provides a succinct introduction to both the theory and practice of Sufism Islamic mysticism.

The Alchemy of Happiness – Wikipedia

Syazwani rated it it was amazing Dec 05, And whosoever would attain holiness can only reach it by the path of difficulty. But if he desire and will to free himself from animal propensities, and ferocious and satanic qualities, he may attain future happiness, will be more exalted and excellent than a king and will be enriched with the vision of the beauty of the Lord. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Ishygddt rated it really liked it Apr 24, But when the heart is not free from impurity, or when, on waking, it busies itself with things of sense, the side towards the tablet will be obscured, and it can view nothing.


If to any one of all these faculties and instruments an injury occurs, the actions of man are defective. The heart resembles a pure mirror, you must know, in this particular, that when a man falls asleep, when his senses are closed, and when the heart, free and pure from blameable affections, is confronted with the preserved tablet, then the tablet reflects upon the heart the real states and hidden forms inscribed upon it. For such an arrangement of the senses, there was also need of a body.

Two or three notes are added, either explanatory of the text or illustrative of the author, from Oriental sources. He appointed the brain to be the throne, and the treasury of the imagination to be the Preserved Tablet. This is a book that can easily be unappreciated.

The science of the structure of the body is called anatomy: Vegetables were created to afford food and conveniences to man, and sustenance to various animals.

That cause which throws the constitution out of balance and occasions the complete absence of the exhalation, is called the Fo of death, who is also a creature of God. The fountain of the animal spirit is in that heart which is in the left side of the breast, and is a piece of flesh.

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He was the first of Mohammedan divines. If he have pain at his heart, he knows not the occasion of it, or why it increases, or what will cure it.

Clearly I understood at that point, oops, this book was not for me, I am a woman, my role is in the kitchen. They have fancied that the soul of man and of other animals, and this wonderful world with its marvellous arrangements came of themselves, and that they are eternal; or that they are effects from natural causes, and that there is no creator beyond the sphere of the world.

But they are not aware that Satan is deceiving them with it, hindering them from obedience and worship, and preventing them from engaging in that cultivation and commerce that would prepare them for eternity.

Still his exercise of power and the manifestation of his glory are not independent of place. If the food provided for the body is excessive, the body will be destroyed: Seeing then that the knowledge of the future world cannot possibly achemy acquired, until that mystery is revealed, strive that it may be revealed in your own soul by pious endeavor, self-denial and divine guidance. He was in antagonism with men who to him appeared, like Avicenna, to exalt reason above the Koran, yet he himself went to the extreme limits of reasoning in his endeavors to find an intelligible basis for the doctrines of the Koran, and a philosophical basis for a holy rule of life.


The first stage is the cradle, and the last is the grave, and every period between these is also a stage. The advice seems like the same advice we have been hearing being a part of conservative circles, though this is something aalchemy needs to be reminded and stressed over and over again. Thus the spinner aids the work Edition: Must be able to re read the book and go over og topics to fully grasp the concepts discussed.

In alchrmy, of whatever enjoyment he partakes, regret is sure to follow it. The happjness of man, veiled with the garments of heedlessness, forgot the assembly with which it had been familiar, and imagining that this miserable place was to be its mansion of rest, it chose to establish itself here in this world of perdition, akchemy if this was its home.

The ass, for instance, was created to bear burdens. Thus sensual enjoyment is found in eating and drinking and the like.

The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

No person, in short, can understand any individual who belongs to a scale of rank above him. Still let every one who fails of a,chemy this knowledge either by means of purity of desire or of demonstration of reasoning, take care and not deny its existence to those who are possessed of it, so that they may not be repelled from the low degree they have attained, and their conduct become a snare to them in the way of truth. The poor guest is overjoyed at the alcuemy of these things, thinking that they have been made his own property, and belays hold of them with the intention of retaining them.

Each day, we would read chapters and the scholars would then explain it in the context of Islam in today’s America. At one time he will be the slave of disappointment and melancholy, at another suffering from disease and misfortune; at one time exposed to hunger and thirst, and at another the slave of avarice or ambition.

Why then do they not shrink in fear and awe from the shining vengeance of the glorious God? Want to Read saving…. The body is earth and must therefore return to its original earth. Excellently laid out human thinking and the flaws of man in knowing the world around him. For, although in sleep the senses are blunted, the imaginative faculty is not, but preserves the forms reflected upon the mirror of the heart.